Broken iPhone, iPod, or iPad?

If you don't know what kind of phone you have fill out the form below for more information. If you don't know what is wrong with your phone you can select an iPhone diagnostic.  Most issues can be diagnosed before we see it. If you are unsure of why your phone is malfunctioning, we encourage you to email our friendly repair techs for a fast response so we can help you diagnose the problem. If we are unable to assess the problem for you remotely, you can ship us your phone and we will evaluate what needs to be done and provide you a quote. If satisfied, we will fix up your phone and bill you via PayPal, or we will send your phone back to you for just the cost of shipping and the $0.99 diagnostic fee.

Spill on your Phone?

Water or liquid damage can be unpredictable and recovery results may vary. Even if the phone functions fine after adequate drying, sediments left behind can cause corrosion over time. If the corrosion persists, the life of the device can be drastically shortened. We will diagnose the damage, as well as thoroughly clean the inner components of corrosive material. If new parts are needed or if the phone is beyond recovery, we will provide a quote and possible options, including shipping the phone back to you at no extra charge.

Ask about our 60-day warranty on repairs.

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