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Thank you for choosing Tech Medics for your cellular repair needs. We will strive to bring you the best service at the best price. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Terms and Conditions

Tech Medics will do everything we can to ensure your device is back up and running in as little time as possible. You authorize Tech Medics to perform the requested services to your device, including any verbal agreements thereafter, and agree to pay the fees and costs. The nature of certain repairs may void any existing warranty on your device, and certain services may require restoring your device to factory settings, resulting in a loss of data. Tech Medics will take necessary precautions to avoid loss of data ,including backing up your device (unless you request otherwise) , however this is not always possible and you are advised to keep backups of your data yourself. Tech Medics will not be held liable for loss of data or any consequences thereof. Serviced or repaired components will be backed by a 30 Day warranty. This warranty covers any existing or eventual defects in parts only, and not damage caused from misuse or abuse. Warranty will grant replacement of the serviced part only. Certain features and programs of unofficial software (jailbreaking, rooting) may, in a small number of instances, cause device malfunction or incur carrier charges, Tech Medics will do what we can to assist you but will not be held financially liable for such outcomes. You agree that you will not use your device for illicit purposes, and if you do, Tech Medics will not be held liable for legal repercussions from doing so. By signing below, you agree to these terms and conditions.